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Ministries at TBC

TOM Ministry

The mission of the Outreach and Integration Ministry (TOM) is to develop a welcoming environment for visitors and to facilitate the integration of new members into the Church body. The members of this Ministry make sure that visitors have a positive experience visiting the Church, and help those willing to join the membership go through the process of baptism and membership classes. They also follow up on new members' attendance of discipleship classes.

After each service, the members of this Ministry invite visitors to meet with the Pastors. During the week, they also maintain the contact with visitors via home visits or telephone calls.

Publishing Ministry

The Publishing Ministry oversees the publishing of all written materials (excerpts, brochures, booklets, books) produced by the church. Some materials, such as the Bible Study excerpts, the Sunday Service brochures, the Sermon outlines, staff meeting agendas, or the Discipleship or post-baptism booklets, are church-wide; others, such as retreat booklet or conference brochures, are ministry-specific. Both types of materials necessitate much reliability and efficiency from the Publishing staff to meet tight deadlines. Members of this Ministry sometimes have to work long hours, even all night, dealing with last minute editing and printing difficulties.

Children Ministry

The primary goal of this Ministry is to promote, through age-appropriate Bible teaching and training, the spiritual, emotional, and social growth of children. The Ministry supports and works with parents to create a nurturing environment conducive to spiritual and social development of children.

The members of the Ministry pursue the following goals:

Lead and guide the children to the Lord Jesus-Christ by:
· Instilling in them the love for the word of God
· Teaching them to love God with all their hearts, souls and thoughts
· Guiding them in the knowledge and practice of biblical principles

Foster the children’s social development through different activities, such as:
· Children’s Weekend in June
· Skating Events
· Saturday Enrichment Programs
· Vacation Bible School

Couple Ministry

The spiritual well-being and emotional health of the family depend greatly on the level of the spiritual and emotional maturity of the couple. This simple realization explains the motivation of the Couple Ministry to offer the TBC couples a yearlong calendar filled with events that correspond to their needs for training, relaxation, and intimacy.

The annual program of the Ministry features:

The Valentine’s Day Banquet. This annual rendezvous of the couples of the congregation, very elegant and romantic, is also one of relaxation and great humor. It is an evening bright with colors and rich in jubilations, livened with songs, poetry, laughter, and skits.  The evening usually closes with a remark by one of our Pastors or the guest of honor.

The annual retreat or conference. This is another great annual rendezvous where the couples meet to discuss topics pertaining to the everyday marital life and to exchange their ideas and experiences through a biblical perspective.

Mini-Lunches on Sundays. This is a joyous and brotherly moment where the Ministry committee, around a meal “agape”, welcomes new couples of the congregation, in order to make better acquaintances.

Home visits. The Ministry core members conduct about four of them each month, depending on the needs of the couples.  They represent opportunities for the Ministry leaders to spend fellowship and prayer time with couples and to reach out to the new couples and families of the Church.


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